Odigo IM development

Hi all,

I’m Alex. Software engineer. I was about 19 when i first tried chatting online via instant messenger, which had happened to be Odigo at that time! I know there had been so many Odigo users left alone, when the Odigo project was shut down… Nowadays, behind all of these audio and video communication apps, i think we have all forgotten the romantic golden envelope, indicating that there is a message for you. The romantics of the message itself…. Now i’m 30. As a programmer, I am very much inspired now to remake the Odigo instant messenger with its original user interface graphics and features, as well as new ones, like Audio/Video calls, that weren’t there before. This is the job i am doing now as part of my free time. I am planning to launch the Odigo IM service using my own servers and software, that i am developing now from zero, just by looking at screenshots of Odigo.

If you are interested in giving the Odigo IM another chance to live, please submit the features and ideas about the Odigo IM. I would really appreciate your help.odigo


Hey, i'm a nice guy =) doing software engineering at an ISP company, dealing with communications, internet billing and related software development. As part of my free time i do several personal projects in the area of automation, expert systems and communication.

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6 comments on “Odigo IM development
  1. bauza says:

    Hi Alex

    I definitely like your idea.
    Can we get in contact because I think we can do something really interesting.


  2. Nasko says:

    Hi Alex.

    I have been trying to build Odigo several years ago. I am really interested to help you with this project. Get in contact with me to discuss how can I help.



  3. Hello , we are a team of engineers from Switzerland.
    We’d really like to contribute to your project in terms of programming.
    Let’s do it! Shall we?

  4. Marriet says:

    Any news with this project?

  5. andrenix says:

    Is this project still alive?

  6. […] informações sobre o Odigo em 2007 (não sou o único), um desenvolvedor com um projeto para ressucitar o serviço em 2014, um vídeo tributo de alguém que fez parte da empresa na era de ouro do software, um […]

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